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Third place, bitch!

The Retro Gaming Expo was this weekend. I've been looking forward to it as soon as the last one ended, and this year I had several goals in mind going into it:

1) Place top three in the Street Fighter 2 Turbo tournament
2) Place top three in the Nintendo World Championships Tournament
3) Win something neat from video game trivia
4) Pick up a copy of God Hand to spread the love

Primarily, I really wanted to do well in the SF2 tourney. I played the game like crazy as a kid and would've killed for the opportunity to play it at a competitive level. I've always thought I was pretty good, but most of my practice came from playing against the CPU, so for all I knew I was a hopeless scrub. 17-18 years later, and here was my chance to live out something of a childhood dream. The Nintendo World Championships event wasn't as important, but it's still a video game competition, something I live for at this point, so I'd practice that and hope to do well too. And we all know how much I enjoy [video game] trivia. The purpose of this paragraph is to express how much of a competitive asshole I am, I guess.

The Street Fighter 2 tournament was yesterday, and while nervous, I played pretty well! Won my first four matches and then got sent to the loser's bracket by this dude who's pretty much Portland's top SF player (and probably top fite game player in general). I then cleared out a couple of more dudes -- winning by the skin of my teeth -- and made it to loser's finals. I did respectably, but in the end lost 3-1. I think if I had played smarter and a little more aggressively, I could've taken second, but the guy who got first was just on another level. Third place in a 64-man bracket! I think 11-year-old me would be proud with that showing.

Trivia was yesterday as well. We were allowed to make teams of up to five. I had run into my buddy from Ground Kontrol trivia, Ryan, earlier in the day, so we were set as a team. He then got a friend of his, another Ground Kontrol regular, as well as the two guys who host GK trivia. Almost no way we could've lost with a team like that, and sure enough, we dominated pretty handily. From a grab bag of prizes, I snagged some X-Men graphic novel because it has boobs on the cover and a free ticket to Geeklesque. And some Bakugan cards. Oh.

That night I went to Geeklesque Powers Up, a video game-themed burlesque show. It was fantastic.

The Nintendo World Championship tournament was today. I knew my Tetris skills were lacking going into it, but instead of focusing on Tetris like I should have leading up to the event, I ran through the NWC rom a few times for practice. Did great in Mario, fine in Rad Racer, and then Tetris just screwed me over. My first three pieces were a square and two s-shaped blocks. What are you supposed to do with that shit at the very beginning? Ultimately I screwed up pretty badly later, and though I still got a high enough score to put me in second at the time, by the end of the event I got knocked down to fourth or fifth. The Nintendo World Championship tourney was a failure, and I beat myself up pretty hard over it.

And then a Jr. Pac Man tournament which I really didn't care about, but whatever. Losing in a tournament that I expected to lose in would make me feel better. And then somehow I got third, first and second going to these older dudes who apparently are Atari rivals or some such. So that was nice.

As for finding God Hand, for some reason all the copies I found this year cost $20 even though the ones I saw last year only cost $10. But Ryan came to the rescue and haggled some dude down to $10 for me. I will spread the God Hand love like so many other things I've spread.

Three out of four goals accomplished, and the weather is great right now. Summer is finally, finally over. Awesome weekend!
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