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E32K10: Day X - You'd think having breasts in my mouth would diminish my love for this sort of thing

But you'd be wrong!

Well, E3 starts in a couple of days. I unfortunately won't be going due to money issues. That, and it's supposedly more difficult to get in this year. Although that's what they say every year, and if I had the cash (and everyone else were going), I'd go anyway. But yeah, E3 is gonna have to be a pass this time. Hopefully by next year things will be different! Anyway, to help further get into the spirit and drum up a little more excitement in these last few hours before the first of the major press conferences tomorrow, I'm finally gonna do my booth babes entry. A little late, but not even close to the three years it took me to get around to doing the last one. Anyone I know going this year? I don't want to have to rely on for all my booth babe needs considering their miserable showing last year.

Gonna treat the ladies by starting things off with pictures of booth HUNKS.

This is the worst Master Chief costume I've ever seen. And I think that helmet is a little big for that guy's head. Or, uh, his head is freakishly small?

I don't want to hear any blind jokes, you insensitive assholes

What I got from this was that this guy was wearing condoms on his hand and a gas mask on his face to promote safe sex

Thank God Los Angeles doesn't have any good samaritan laws

And check out this awesome transition from men to women using a picture that has both a man AND a woman!

Hey, some people who are dressed funny. Better take their picture!

period joke

I think this was the first booth babe picture I took last year. Pirate chicks: still hot in 2011

Was this the chick who tried to get me to play that Guitar Hero knockoff? Yes, I think it was. I don't like her.

It's not a booth babe entry without the Nyko girls. I wonder if that chick realizes someone scribbled something on her side...

I am about to say something mean. If meanness offends you, please skip to the next image. Okay? The chick on the right is not very attractive at all!

I like how that weird hand thing is perched right below her breast. That guy knows what's up

If you'll be so kind as to remember, the one in the middle is the one who complimented my Full House shirt and then dissed my camera. I bet if I really wanted to, I could've gone places with her. What?! A guy's not allowed to be confident once in a while?

Yes. Yeeesssss.

I feel like I've seen the chick on the left around before. Probably one of the models who regularly make E3 appearances. She's cute

Oh man. Oh man. This reminds me of a ridiculous booth babe picture I took years ago. I don't understand why anyone would do this

I see chicks like this every day in Portland. Sigh...

hahaha, Looks like it's still around. Neeerrrrrddddssssss

That's a pretty odd outfit. Going by her name and looks, I'd wager she's maybe not actually dressed up in any special way

Funny story about this picture that I may or may not have already told. So, I saw her, right, and since it's E3, she's either a show attendee or some chick whose only purpose is to be ogled and photographed. Obviously she wasn't an attendee, so I asked if I could take her picture. As we were walking away, Gogita turned to me and said something like "I don't think she was a booth babe." After thinking about it for a couple of seconds, I realized he was probably right, and I felt kind of like a jerk. Here's this lady, probably an executive, trying to show off her company's goods to investors and the like, and then I come along all "hurf durf pictures of chicks." I am an awful person. Really, just, not good at all.

Try to guess where I wish my face were when I took this picture

Every once in a while, you come across a booth babe who's dressed a little classier and behaves a little more modestly than the others. And you can't help but ask, "Why?"

That's unfortunate

Free t-shirts, and all I have to do is take your picture?!

I think I saw the chick on the right on an episode of Maury. You know what I'm talking about...

I saw these chicks just lounging outside when I went to get one of my free burgers. I should've sat down for a bite and chat

There's nothing I could say that could draw further attention to those breasts

Hey, yo, over here, the cute one, look over here! HEY! Damnit

Hey, this chick's outfit is kinda similar to that other one's, isn't it? Huh. I kinda like her awkward stance.

Are those stupid glasses out of style yet? Please tell me they are

These booth babes seem mismatched somehow...

If my friends saw this picture, they'd probably say that chick looks like my mom. Because they're racist.

The best MMORPG

I guess Trimersion isn't the only company going for the "chick in a tight silver outfit" look to promote their product. I like this one a lot better.

That outfit! I remember it! Does that mean the game is still in development or what? Because the original picture is from 2005.

I don't think I've ever seen a booth babe advertise two different products like this one did. Double agent? Renaissance woman?

I want to make silly comments about the girls on the sides, but that chick in the middle is mesmerizing. Also, I guess the silver outfit thing is more popular than I thought.

I guess the best way to try to sell your video game full of sweaty dudes groping each other is with big-breasted blondes

This woman is entirely too happy given that she had to sit outside the floor doors and hang around with a bunch of sports-loving homos

Well! I've finally run out of booth babe pictures. Sort of. All that's left is the parade of pictures of me posing WITH booth babes. Enjoy!

I remember not liking this chick for some reason. I think I overheard her making disparaging comments about guys wanting to pose with her or something. Whatever, whore!

My body language says it all. This is before I knew who this chick was, mind. Remember, Marina Orlova. Hot for Words. Chicks who are hot for language make me hot.


Hello, ladies. Have you heard of this classic arcade in Portland? No? Oh.

And I'm gonna end with my favorite picture.

I really like this photo. I don't know if it's Miss Catwoman's smile, or her attitude when she posed with me, or what, but I like how it came out.

Maaaaaan. I'm gonna have to wait at least a year before I get to do this again. That's a downer right there.
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