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Happy birthday, dogs of the AMS

Yes another birthday is was upon me. How did it go? Well!

I woke up early because I wanted to make it to Denny's in time for a free Grand Slam breakfast. Turns out that they do breakfast all day, so there probably wasn't any need to get up early. Ah well. The meal was yummy, and it was accompanied by a lovely conversation via text message with an old friend. And it was rainy! Good start to the day.

When I got back home, I tweeted about it and now Denny's is following my Twitter. How awesome is that? Denny's! Eat at Denny's. For all your breakfast, lunch, and dinner needs. s'ynneD ta taE.

I lounged around for most of the afternoon. Then I got my things together for a yummy free dinner at Pastini Pastaria. I've never been much of a pasta guy, but it was surprisingly good. Then I got a free ice cream at Coldstone because lord knows I haven't had enough free ice cream this week.

Then my buddy Shane asked if I wanted to do anything, and since the Pastini is right by game night buddy Patrick's place, I asked if he wanted to go there and play Blitz the League 2. Did he?! Yes, he did. Unfortunately, Nate had a bunch of people over there pre-partying. But! They were playing Just Dance 2, which is awesome, so I played that a bit before playing Violent Football Game. And then spent the rest of the night playing Pac Man EX Deluxe CE.

All in all, pretty good birthday. I don't know if it beats last year's Indian dinner plus massage, but it's about as good as I could've hoped for with Krista being a jerk who's always sick!!1

That said, 28 AND STILL NEVER KISSED A GIRL OR HAD A GIRLFRIEND, WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! That is some shit. That is some shit. Totally gonna make it to 30, just you wait and see.
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