The Prancin' Johnnycake (phantomflapjack) wrote,
The Prancin' Johnnycake

E32k10: Final Day - Hugless, kissless goodbyes

Holy geez, I haven't updated my LJ in almost four months? Have I ever gone this long without updating? Well! Let's put a stop to that right now.

So! Where was I? I think I was going to talk about the very last day of E3, yes? Not a whole lot happened! We had to wake up somewhat early so we could be checked out of the room by, I dunno, ten? Ty and Gogita packed up all their stuff while I went down to get some breakfast. I think Gogita found me eating to say goodbye, but when I saw that Ty wasn't with him, I told him to go get Ty so I could give him his goodbye hug. But he never came back...

The two jerks left without a proper goodbye! FINE! I didn't need them anyway! Anyway, I was alone in LA with a whole day ahead of me. I could've explored, or seen the sights, or what-have-you, but because LA is gutter trash, I chose to drive back to my mom's instead. And that was that for another E3.

It was pretty rad getting to go back after not having gone in several years. I'm glad they've fixed it and it's almost fully restored to its former glory. The only thing missing was Kentia Hall, really. I don't see that ever coming back, unfortunately. So what does the future hold? Well, because we were turned away at the show, perhaps it might be wise to try to register six months in advance. We'll likely get turned down, but I think we should at least make the effort so they can't pull the capped registration crap on us. And if that doesn't work, there's always Jonny Metts. Or some other means, I'm sure. I'd also like to see more people make it next year, HINT HINT.

I've also got tons of booth babe pictures that need to be put on the internet. Can't wait to do that. Sexy, sexy ladies.

And of course there will be more regular, standard LJ updates. So much has happened in the past few months! Ty's come down to visit me a couple of times. uh...I played some video games. And, huh. I guess there really hasn't been that much. But! Tonight I dine on trivia soup, so maybe I'll write about that. Or maybe I'll post ye olde yearlye birthdaye entrye tomorrow. I have seven hours to kiss a girl, staaarrtiiiing...NOW!
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