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E32k10: Day 2 - No remorse, la laaaa lala la laaaaaa

The show floor would be opening up earlier than the day prior, this time at 10am, so we wouldn't be afforded the opportunity to wake up early. Ah well. Like I said at the end of the last entry, sleeping horizontally at the end of the bad actually wasn't that bad. I think someone left the curtain open partway, though. That kind of robbed me of some sleep.

Anyway! Cowface called me and told me that he was down in ZE ROBBY while waiting for us to wake up. I told him to come up to our room, then went down to snag another delicious breakfast. I love you, Comfort Inn. When I went back up, Cowface and I caught up a little, this having been our first time seeing each other in a few years.

To the convention center! With Cowface driving! We parked a little bit away and enjoyed a leisurely stroll over to West Hall. On our way in, I saw a bunch of people with signs picketing something called Judo Baby. Oh, you silly companies with your silly marketing tactics. Kiss My Baby! is the superior baby game, by the way.

We headed to the media registration room to try to get Cowface registered. With any luck, they'd be a little less stringent the second day. Unfortunately, it was not to be, and so he would have to find some other way in. Jonny Metts was not an option this time. But whatever, screw Cowface, I walked around on the show floor and snagged pictures of booth babes for maybe twenty minutes. Then I headed out to one of the meeting/conference rooms because Leonard Nimoy was supposed to be helping to demonstrate this game called Yoostar. I have no interest in the game, but it'd be nice to be able to say that I saw Leonard Nimoy in person, right? Sure it would! So I got into line. I was wearing my Full House shirt this day, and I got my first comment from the guy standing in line in front of me. He asked me if I thought Mary Kate was responsible for Heath Ledger's death. I don't know! Probably!

After that, I continued to wait. And wait. And wait. I think it was supposed to start at 11:30 or 12, but even by 12:30 I still wasn't in. Shortly after I tweeted how I had wasted my life, I finally was let inside to the ridiculously crowded room. Ten seconds later, Mr. Nimoy said they wouldn't be taking questions from the audience and he waltzed out. Great. Awesome. That was sooooooo worth it. At least I saw what I think was Yuji Naka while waiting.

While I was in line, Gogita texted me about free food at the media hospitality room. It was all gone by the time I got there, but he had said he'd save me some, so I texted him to find out where he was and if I could get a piece of that action. He was busy with some presentation or something in South Hall, so it would have to wait, but since I hadn't been there yet, I decided to stop by.

On the way there, I ran into Cowface, who said he had managed to briefly sneak into South Hall. Bless him, he always manages to find a way in somehow. We chatted, I grabbed some free energy drinks after signing over my soul, took some photos of booth babes, and then went inside to an as-of-yet unexplored hall.

I saw some games! I saw lots of booth babes! But what caught my interest was Vanquish over in the Sega booth. Shinji Mikami is behind a couple of my favorite games ever, so anything he makes is always at least worth a look to me. Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed after playing it. I reeeaaaallllly wanted to like it, but there were just some things that bothered me. Regenerating health? Really? And why is ammo scarce in a fast-paced action game? Why do I have to stop to reload or pick up ammo? These things have no place in a game of this type. Kamiya did it right with Bayonetta. But I decided to give it a second chance, thinking maybe I just missed something fundamental or I suck or something. I had a better time of it, but I was still unimpressed with the demo. Saddening, very saddening. Oh, I saw Atsushi Inaba there. That wasn't a particularly unusual sighting, though.

Between my first and second playthrough of Vanquish, I hopped on over to give Sonic 4 a try. I'm really tempted to just type "lol" instead of giving serious impressions. Really, really tempted. Like really, you guys.

I stumbled around for a bit longer until I ran into Gogita, who was at some booth holding some drawing for a watch. The people at the booth were holding the drawing, not Gogita. He had food to give me! Bless his heart. It was cold, and pasta-y, but I didn't care. I entered the drawing and ate to kill time. SPOILERS I didn't win the watch.

He and I wandered around kind of aimlessly for a while. He was trying to find this merchandise booth selling a laptop bag that he had seen Cowface with. We did eventually find it, and then continued our quest of wandering. At the G4 booth, we saw a ton of people gathered around for I'm not sure what. Perhaps they were doing a live show or something, I don't know. But in the craziness, I lost Gogita. I think he may have been trampled to death or something. Not my problem! I was a man on a mission. The mission? Photograph women! It just so happened that the chick behind Hot for Words was right next to the G4 booth, so I got a picture and an autograph, which I promptly stuffed into my bag and probably bent up and oh well.

Hey, I played that new Castlevania XBLA game. It seemed pretty cool! I've always thought a co-op mode in Metroid or Castlevania would be really cool, though this is kind of multiplayer oriented game instead of a regular Castlevania game that just happens to have cooperative play. Still, it's a step in the right direction. If I can get it for ten bucks, I probably will.

Later in my wanderings, I found these three booth babes playing WeSing together. When I asked to take their picture, one of them teasingly complimented my shirt, and then totally dissed my several-years-old camera. How rude!

The day was almost through, and I wrapped it up by waiting at the THQ booth to play either Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy on stage with two other guys. I got there as they were finishing up a round of Wheel of Fortune, then sat through some guys playing Jeopardy. Sadly, I guess they were rotating, so I had to play Wheel of Fortune. When I told the "host" I'm from Portland, he asked me if I'm a Ducks or Beavers fan. The hell is that? I wanted to tell him sports are for queers, but instead I just said I don't care for sports. He was not pleased. But yes, Wheel of Fortune did not go so well. What sucked was the last puzzle was one that showed up while we were watching the previous guys play WoF, so this other dude knew it almost immediately and ended up winning. What a gyp. I did, however, get a free t-shirt for my trouble. An extra large one I can't really wear, but whatevs.

Cowface had texted me about free burgers outside of West Hall, so with the show now wrapping up, I ran over to see if I could snag any. When I got into line, Cowface said he could see me from afar and suggested I get a shirt first. So I walked up to the front of the line, grabbed a shirt, and then when I went back to the end of the line, the guy told me they were cutting it off and I was out of luck. Cowface more like Jerkface! I watched him eat his burger and then he asked if I wanted to go get a drink. Sure, we didn't have any other plans that night. So he and I went looking for cheap drinks while Ty and Gogita were, I dunno, having gay sex with each other in the bathroom probably.

We tried a couple of places before finally settling on The Yard House. Cowface was cool enough to buy me a beer and we chilled at the bar for a little bit. Some chicks there totally complimented me on my shirt. It was rad. Then we decided maybe we'd better sit down to get more drinks and maybe some eats, so we let Ty and Gogita know where we were and sat down to wait. We had a very lovely dinner.

We each took a picture like this. I haven't seen any of theirs.

We got back to the hotel and Cowface vamoosed. He would rather go to bars and try to pick up on chicks than play video games with some buddies he hadn't seen in years. Terrible, just terrible. Gogita also ditched us to go to some N-Philes party or something. Ty and I stayed behind, and I spent the majority of the night doing SSFIV trials. Then, at roughly 11, Gogita texted me saying he needed a ride. Awesome! Time to go driving through mysterious parts of LA at night to pick him up. And wouldn't you know it, even at almost midnight the traffic was monster gay getting there. It was a lot nicer going back, at least.

Once we got back, though, we partied it up with some Perfect Dark. That was pretty awesome. Also, between matches, I was finally able to use Gogita's laptop and catch up on some things. I tweeted at Jim Sterling asking about getting him to autograph my copy of Deadly Premonition. I also tweeted at a very special someone. Mystery! Intrigue!

The night wrapped up with some Earthworm Jim co-op play. Sadly, I was stupidly tired and just could not stay awake during it, so at that point we called it a night. I think it was around 3am. Somewhat early for us. I believe Ty and I got the bed while Gogita slept on the floor that night. Heh heh. Sucker.

Next Entry: Day 3 - The 3DS!!!!1, Denny's and maybe some diarrhea???, and the LAPD almost ruins our night?!?!!
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