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E32k10: Day 1 - Musicians cannot play a single note unless they eat drugs first

Day 1 of our first E3 in four years. It was sure to be a fun and exciting day. OR WAS IT?! Yes, it was.

I woke up around 7:45 or so, surprisingly not having been molested by Gogita in my sleep. I was too excited and anxious to be tired. Ran down to ZE ROBBY to grab a delicious free breakfast, which, much like previous years, consisted of muffins, a banana, and OJ. The Comfort Inn treats its guests well when it isn't kicking them out onto the street. Went back to the room to eat and get ready for the big day ahead of us. Unlike years past, the show floor wasn't opening until noon, but we were up early because we wanted to see if we could make it to the Nintendo conference. Gogita and I were ready while Ty just kind of stood around doing nothing. Was he getting ready? Did he forget something? Nah, it's just what he does. So one of us took the initiative to actually walk outside and the other two followed.

I was driving! There was a lot less traffic than usual, which was really, really nice. I tried to find some parking, but the one convention center lot we drove past was closed. We did pull into another lot right by the Nokia Theater, which was where we wanted to be. Unfortunately, it was stupidly expensive at $25 a day, but whatever. We were in a hurry.

We made our way onto ground level and kind of headed in the general area of where we believed the theater to be. The Nintendo conference was supposed to start at 9 and it was a few minutes past by the time we got to the entrance. We didn't actually have any sort of plan on how to get in. Maybe try to walk right in? Nah, that wasn't going to work. What do we do? And so we sat around for about ten minutes doing, really, very little. uh...hey, what now? I saw an info booth nearby and told Gogita to ask how one might be able to get into the conference. He walked over, was there for a minute or two, and walked back with a registration ticket of some sort granting him entry. "Better hurry up," he told Ty and me while making his way toward the Nokia theater. Snap! So we rushed over there, told them we wanted to get in and weren't pre-registered, and they just handed us these slips to present to the guys at the entrance. It was really that easy. DBG is going to the Nintendo press event!

By the time we got into our seats, it was 9:20 or so and Just Dance 2 was being shown. We couldn't have missed anything important, right? Well, we later found out that we missed the hilarious Skyward Sword debacle and the announcement of Mario Sports Mix. Oh well! We were there for the showings of Epic Mickey, Donkey Kong Country Returns, blah blah blah, and most importantly, the official 3DS reveal. It was pretty rad. I especially liked when Satoru Iwata came out to talk. That guy is just adorable. Once the conference wrapped up, they brought out all these chicks with 3DSes attached to demonstrate them for anyone who wanted to wait in line, as well as having a few kiosks available of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Gogita decided to stay behind to try them out while Ty and I figured we'd see them on the show floor, so we went to the convention center to try to register. This would later prove to be a fatal mistake.

On our way to the convention center, we briefly considered going to the Sony conference. Pfffff, yeah, that was a thought summarily dismissed. We went into West Hall, made our way to the press room, and danced the dance of E3 Media Registration. Why hello, nice lady. Here is my business license, my article, a form of ID, and my business card. One of your finest Media Badges, deskkeep! Unfortunately, everything went pear-shaped here. She told us that there was a cap on media registration, and since we were local (nevermind that we were out of state, the business license is from Bakersfield, so I guess that's "local"), we weren't getting badges. She then tried to console us by saying that maybe, MAYBE if we were from Europe or something they might give us badges. Yeah. That made me feel tons better. So Ty and I walked out of the press area dejected and unsure how to proceed. I texted Gogita and he joined us soon thereafter. Since he wasn't with us at the time, he thought to try registering on his own to see if things went differently. No luck. We put our heads together and discussed our options.

Go later? Try someone else? Look into an Exhibitions Only badge? The show was opening in about an hour and none of our ideas were very good. Then, I don't remember because he had been summoned or appeared randomly after we took x number of steps, Jonny Metts from PGC fame showed up. We told him about our dilemma and he suggested we look into the Exhibitions Only badge, and if not, to get a hold of him later and he'd work his charm to get us in. We did look into the EO badge, but that would cost us each 500 bucks. No thanks! We didn't want to bother Jonny again so soon, and the doors would open soon anyway, so we went to get some food to kill time. We asked the info desk lady about the nearest McDonalds (barf), but I don't think there was one nearby, so we went to the Nokia Theater area at her recommendation. She was super nice, by the way.

We wandered the area looking for cheap restaurants like idiots for a good while until finally stumbling upon this small Mexican place nearby that was yummy and delightfully inexpensive. Everyone eat at Fernando's Taco Inn on some street off Figueroa! It was only 12:15, so we opted to play some DS games to keep ourselves busy. Gogita's pirated copy of that game that's like, 50 games was an excellent timewaster. Eventually, though, it was time to head back.

We arrived back near the press room at about 2pm, and Ty and I saw that nasty Starslayer chick just hanging around with some dude. I told him to get a picture with her. He wouldn't do it. Then Jonny showed up, we told him about our continued failures, and he decided to be a pal and get us in. This required putting our names on some NWR articles, and surprisingly didn't require having business cards. We got the same chick Ty and I got earlier, but I don't think she recognized us, thankfully. Jonny talked, and talked, and worked his magic, and by the grace of God, because there were exactly three NWR staffers who were supposed to show but backed out at the last minute, we were all able to get in. It was ridiculously relieving when, after twenty minutes or so at the desk, we were handed our badges. God bless you, Jonny Metts. You're a really stand-up guy.

It wasn't ideal, but we were finally in! And just as soon as we got onto the show floor, we parted ways. Damned if I know where Ty or Gogita went (Ty probably hung out in front of Marvel vs. Capcom 3), but I did my usual first-day ritual of raping the Nintendo booth. Note: as soon as I got in, I saw Suda 51 walk by me. I should've snapped his picture or something. I'm an idiot. I spent the rest of the day there. Here are some game impressions:

Just Dance 2 - Awesome

Ghost Trick - Awesome. My game of the show

Goldeneye - Garbage. Hey guys, do you like Goldeneye? Well then, you'll love that we made the new game just like a modern FPS instead of keeping what made Goldeneye great! Who doesn't love regenerating health, being limited to two guns, and a remake/sequel that throws away all the old characters, story, and probably everything else but the level design of the original?

Donkey Kong Country Returns - Oh boy, do I love how rolling is mapped to waggling. Also, weird physics and it seems like no way to switch characters? And then we later found out there are no Kremlings, no underwater levels, and possibly no animal buddies. DKC returns indeed!

Zelda: Skyward Sword - fffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu do I hate waggle being implemented this way. I kept having trouble swinging my sword and raising my shield. But at least I got a free Zelda shirt out of it.

Metroid: Other M - Hardly got a chance to play this because the cutscenes ate up so much time. By the time I got to the actual game, I got kicked off. Results inconclusive.

Sonic Colors - lol

I may have played another game or two in there, but those are the big ones that stand out. I ran into Gogita a little before the floor closed, so we hung around and then found Ty...somewhere once it was time to go. We rushed back to the hotel knowing there wasn't much time before this concert that was going on in Alhambra with The Megas, Megaran, and some other dudes. Back at the hotel, we found out the doors actually opened at 6 and the show started at 7. It was 6:45. Better rush over! But first, a stop at a nearby Little Caesar's to get some food.

Damn that was some good pizza. Thank goodness for it, because the horrible LA driving and traffic really got on my nerves. Oh, and the fact that our exit off the freeway was closed without any notice. Just lovely. But we did get there right around when it was starting, I think. I was incredibly tired and a lot of the music wasn't my style, so I sat down and kind of dozed through A-Rival and maybe some other guy who mumbled a lot. Tanuki Suit Riot came on at some point, and I woke up a little because they were actually playing instruments instead of mumbling over phat beatz. Good guys. Not a bad show. Megaran was up next. I felt like it was time to take a break from the needlessly loud music, and Gogita felt the same, so we went out in search of drinks/eats while Ty stayed behind.

We made our way to a Safeway and I got blue-flavored Powerade. Blue flavor is the best flavor. We sat on a curb out in the parking lot for, I dunno, 30-45 minutes talking about murdering bums for some reason until Ty texted us to let us know Megaran was almost done. The Megas were up next and were set to be the final act, so we made it back to the store for the last music of the night.

Good lord, was that music loud. Ear-hurting, I-want-to-get-away-and-hide-under-a-rock loud. I wanted to listen to it, but also wanted to preserve my poor hearing, so I moved to the back of the store hoping that would mitigate the ear rape at least a little. It was a book store, so I kind of browsed the various books until I found some Playboy pictorial about redheads. Quality reading right there, I tell you what. I'm not a huge fan of The Megas, but their brand of Mega rock was welcome after all the rap/hip hop/whatever I had to endure earlier. Once the show ended, we drove right back to the hotel.

I don't remember if we did anything in the hotel that night. Probably not, as it was pretty late at that point. Oh wait, that was probably the night we played Smash Bros. Much to my chagrin, the only cables we had were composite, and if you don't know how Wiis work, composite cables create a noticeable lag on HD TVs. We had a good time, but I was hoping to get some serious business matches in with Ty that never happened due to that issue. Ah well, with any luck I'll see him again soonish for a local SFIV tournament.

So that was that. Day 1 wrapped up with Ty and Gogita getting to bed as normal and my lying at the end of it like a dog. It actually wasn't that uncomfortable. Certainly nicer than sleeping on a bed made out of pizza boxes.

Next Entry: Day 2 - The Fifth Element scene-stealer Chris Tucker joins our party, I go booth babe crazy, and Leonard Nimoy is an asshole
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