The Prancin' Johnnycake (phantomflapjack) wrote,
The Prancin' Johnnycake

E32k10: Day 0 - Never reserve a room at the Comfort Inn on W. 7th Street

Better get started on these before the details become all hazy!

So, the day of travel. That morning I worked some last minute census work and then did some cleaning up around the apartment because I really like coming back to a clean place after a trip. I let Krista borrow my car while I was in LA so I wouldn't have to worry about MAXing it to and from the airport, which was a nice change of pace from my regular travel pattern. My flight left around 5:40, I switched planes in Oakland, and arrived on time in Ontario at 9:15pm. Talked to my mom a bit and ate some food, and then promptly began my drive to the hotel. E3, here I come!

I arrived just before 11 and texted Ty and Gogita to see what was up. They were at some VGChartz party downtown somewhere. I didn't want to drive, and trying to walk through downtown LA at night probably would've gotten me violently stabbed at least once, so to ZE ROBBY to wait for them I went.

I busted out Professor Layton 2 and worked on that damn last Knight's Quest puzzle while I waited. I also eavesdropped on what was going on at the counter the entire hour to ninety minutes I was waiting. Some guy said he reserved a room months ago and called earlier in the day to confirm his reservation, but once he got there they told him there were no rooms available. Something about paying by credit card? I don't know, but it was just back-and-forth bitching between him and the guy at the desk, who repeatedly told him that they didn't have rooms, but maybe a hotel somewhere else did. But the guy wouldn't get his money back for the room he reserved but wasn't going to be staying in. It was a mess. I don't think there was any resolution by the time Ty and Gogita showed up. Oh well. To our hotel room!

Internet Black Guy Ty Shughart

Internet Multiple Xbox 360 Owner SS4Gogita

We all talked a bit about the party they went to and the various conferences that had taken place that day. Then we turned on the 360 and Ty and I played Super Street Fighter IV until 3:30 in the morning. At that point, I hopped into bed with Gogita while Ty took the floor, and we were ready for the big day ahead of us. OR WERE WE?!

Next Entry: Day 1 - My first Nintendo press conference, hilarious registration issues, and permanent hearing loss
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