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Everybody tune in to the EA conference!

Been pretty busy around here lately trying to balance work with E3 preparations and the social life. But work is now officially over. I handed in my final binder earlier today. There maaayyy be more work later, though, as the census moves into its next operation. Basically, I may or may not get called at some point in the future to do some work. Maybe. I won't let that stop me from looking for a for rizzle job, though, because I don't think getting a call is very likely. But it would still be nice.

Ty and Gogita are already at the hotel. My flight leaves in three hours. Wooooo!!!!! All that's left is to head up to the on-site registration room and charm the lady behind the counter. Like previous years, I don't think I'll have much of a chance to update ye olde LJe while there, but unlike previous years, I have a Twitter account! So keep an eye on this link right here. Wait, wrong one. This is the right one.

See you in the funny pages!
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