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I've got something to put in you!

Looks like the trip to the coast is a go! There's work to be done at Rockaway Beach on Monday, and since it's a holiday, they're expecting a lot of people who have vacation homes at the coast to be out there this weekend. May be heading there Sunday afternoon with another census worker. Not sure yet. But that's pretty cool to get a trip to the coast and all I have to do is something like five hours of work.

Trivia night last night was a blast. They got a laptop hooked up to a projector and had a whole Jeopardy board of questions displayed on this big screen with accompanying buzzers. So awesome. I bawled and smashed over the other two dudes and won the following: a $15 gift card to the arcade, given to one friend; a Star Wars Plug 'n Play game, given to another friend; some NES games given to me in a Mario question mark box. I am now the proud owner of TWO copies of both Jaws and Silent Service. I am still no closer to owning an NES. Jeopardy should be a regular thing from now on. Video game trivia just got that much more awesome.

I spent a bunch of money this morning/afternoon. How irresponsible of me!
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