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Having a job kind of stinks!

All my training is now officially done. I was supposed to have gone out to do some interviews by now, but we ran into some snags, so that's going to have to wait until tomorrow. Instead, I volunteered to do some work tonight, so because I'm an idiot who has nothing better to do, I'll be doing drudge work from 12-8am for no overtime pay. Wooooo! I guess Oregon is one of those stupid "you only get overtime for whatever you work over forty hours in a week" states. Booooooo! But if I work enough hours Saturday during the day, I'll make some time and a half. I hate how my sister's regular rate of pay is almost the same as my overtime pay.

The first area assigned to me includes my apartment complex. I was really looking forward to finding out what happens if I get assigned to myself, but when I looked through the list, it said I had already sent in my forms. wtf! Not a single person in these apartments is listed as not having mailed in their forms. I don't like this one bit. The government is up to no good. Or they just got my info some other way. I guess I should be happy I'm accounted for without actually having to have done anything.

I miss having all the free time in the world. Sleeping whenever, putting errands off till whenever, fapping whenever. Now I like, need to have some sort of schedule. Sucks to that! I want to be a lazy-ass, damnit! Although no doubt my tune will change as soon as I get my first paycheck.

Well, that's the update so far! Better make dinner and then sleep sleep sleeeeeeeep...
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