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My life is a perpetually flushing toilet
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Tuesday, February 14th, 2012
10:27 pm
When someone says they're a taxpayer, they're about to be an asshole
What's good, internet? I'll gather 'round so you can spin me a yarn.



Life continues mostly boringly for me. I'm still working at the old title insurance place. Fun fact: I made a little over the poverty line last year, which means I can now start bitching about how my precious tax dollars are spent. Maybe I'll complain about all the health care exclusively set aside for illegal immigrants for some reason. Or I can bitch about a few cents going to provide contraception and abortion for poor and unemployed women. The possibilities are endless! Damn democrats, punishing me for having a job.

I'm now closing in on having worked there a full six months. Up till now, I've been able to half-ass it and slack, as what I was doing required little knowledge of the inner workings of title insurance. Unfortunately, I've just started learning examining, which means I might have to learn what it is the company that's been employing me for half a year actually does. It's way more complicated than anything I've done up to this point, to be sure. Ah well. With any luck, it'll come with a pay raise.

Not a whole lot else going on. I'll see you next time something of note happens!
Sunday, September 25th, 2011
9:28 pm
Third place, bitch!
The Retro Gaming Expo was this weekend. I've been looking forward to it as soon as the last one ended, and this year I had several goals in mind going into it:

1) Place top three in the Street Fighter 2 Turbo tournament
2) Place top three in the Nintendo World Championships Tournament
3) Win something neat from video game trivia
4) Pick up a copy of God Hand to spread the love

Primarily, I really wanted to do well in the SF2 tourney. I played the game like crazy as a kid and would've killed for the opportunity to play it at a competitive level. I've always thought I was pretty good, but most of my practice came from playing against the CPU, so for all I knew I was a hopeless scrub. 17-18 years later, and here was my chance to live out something of a childhood dream. The Nintendo World Championships event wasn't as important, but it's still a video game competition, something I live for at this point, so I'd practice that and hope to do well too. And we all know how much I enjoy [video game] trivia. The purpose of this paragraph is to express how much of a competitive asshole I am, I guess.

The Street Fighter 2 tournament was yesterday, and while nervous, I played pretty well! Won my first four matches and then got sent to the loser's bracket by this dude who's pretty much Portland's top SF player (and probably top fite game player in general). I then cleared out a couple of more dudes -- winning by the skin of my teeth -- and made it to loser's finals. I did respectably, but in the end lost 3-1. I think if I had played smarter and a little more aggressively, I could've taken second, but the guy who got first was just on another level. Third place in a 64-man bracket! I think 11-year-old me would be proud with that showing.

Trivia was yesterday as well. We were allowed to make teams of up to five. I had run into my buddy from Ground Kontrol trivia, Ryan, earlier in the day, so we were set as a team. He then got a friend of his, another Ground Kontrol regular, as well as the two guys who host GK trivia. Almost no way we could've lost with a team like that, and sure enough, we dominated pretty handily. From a grab bag of prizes, I snagged some X-Men graphic novel because it has boobs on the cover and a free ticket to Geeklesque. And some Bakugan cards. Oh.

That night I went to Geeklesque Powers Up, a video game-themed burlesque show. It was fantastic.

The Nintendo World Championship tournament was today. I knew my Tetris skills were lacking going into it, but instead of focusing on Tetris like I should have leading up to the event, I ran through the NWC rom a few times for practice. Did great in Mario, fine in Rad Racer, and then Tetris just screwed me over. My first three pieces were a square and two s-shaped blocks. What are you supposed to do with that shit at the very beginning? Ultimately I screwed up pretty badly later, and though I still got a high enough score to put me in second at the time, by the end of the event I got knocked down to fourth or fifth. The Nintendo World Championship tourney was a failure, and I beat myself up pretty hard over it.

And then a Jr. Pac Man tournament which I really didn't care about, but whatever. Losing in a tournament that I expected to lose in would make me feel better. And then somehow I got third, first and second going to these older dudes who apparently are Atari rivals or some such. So that was nice.

As for finding God Hand, for some reason all the copies I found this year cost $20 even though the ones I saw last year only cost $10. But Ryan came to the rescue and haggled some dude down to $10 for me. I will spread the God Hand love like so many other things I've spread.

Three out of four goals accomplished, and the weather is great right now. Summer is finally, finally over. Awesome weekend!

Current Mood: pleased
Friday, September 16th, 2011
9:48 pm
Michelle Bachmann for president
Or Herman Cain, if he promises to provide everyone who votes for him a lifetime supply of Godfather's pizza. That stuff is delicious! Alternatively, he can keep doing things like this. That man is amazing.

Alright, well! Summer hasn't been bad at all. The weather in July was amazing, for example. I worked a temp job where I got paid to sit on my ass browsing GAF and SA, for another. Catherine came out, for a third. Summer is supposed to be my least favorite time of year. With any luck, things will continue on this upward trend, and if I'm REALLY lucky, that'll include the job thing.

I've been working this temp job at a title company for about a month now. Mostly paper pushing at this point, which is rad as far as I'm concerned. (I hope to one day have a business card that proudly declares my official title as Paper Pusher.) When I started the job, I was told it'd last either one or two months. I've been trying not to half ass it in the maybe-it's-not-vain hope that it'll last longer, or I'll even get hired on as an actual employee. I've been picking up various tasks and learning new things to try to make myself useful, and I've been doing a little bit of overtime to seem like a "go-getter." And yet, if you had asked me what a title company does before I googled it just now, I'd have given you a blank stare. Let's see what happens!

Papa John's's apple "pie" isn't very good.

Gonna go play some El Shaddai. Peace out.

Current Mood: full
Sunday, June 5th, 2011
11:28 pm
E32K10: Day X - You'd think having breasts in my mouth would diminish my love for this sort of thing
But you'd be wrong!

Well, E3 starts in a couple of days. I unfortunately won't be going due to money issues. That, and it's supposedly more difficult to get in this year. Although that's what they say every year, and if I had the cash (and everyone else were going), I'd go anyway. But yeah, E3 is gonna have to be a pass this time. Hopefully by next year things will be different! Anyway, to help further get into the spirit and drum up a little more excitement in these last few hours before the first of the major press conferences tomorrow, I'm finally gonna do my booth babes entry. A little late, but not even close to the three years it took me to get around to doing the last one. Anyone I know going this year? I don't want to have to rely on E3girls.com for all my booth babe needs considering their miserable showing last year.

Oh yeah, pictures of sexy, sexy ladiesCollapse )
Saturday, June 4th, 2011
6:59 pm
Don't blame me; I didn't vote!
Updates, and lots of them! Three of them.

Crazy psycho killer living downstairs from me moved two or three weeks after I posted that latest entry without further incident. He's long since been gone, and being able to freely move in and out of my apartment at all hours of the day and night is glorious. I have no idea whether someone else has moved into that spot or not. Probably doesn't matter unless it's a hot chick.

Jobby job stuff. I don't actually really have a job job right now, but I've been working a temp job for the last almost month and a half. It's nothing spectacular -- working customer service at a call center -- but it puts money in my pocket, which quickly flitters off into the pockets of those whom I owe for bills and such. I'm also doing another thing for just this weekend to pick up some extra cash. The life of a temp is rough, but at least there's always something new and exciting going on. Really, the only thing I don't like about it is the inconsistency in the schedule. Working weekends, working nights, whatever's available whenever it's available. Oh, also, Oregon's labor laws suck.

Sooooo, item number three. I seem to have stumbled into a sort of friends-with-benefits situation. There's this chick from game night who's wanted me for a while, but I always spurned her advances because no woman can tame me. Anyway, she asked to come over to my place a few weeks ago with the promise that if I let her, she'd let me grope her breasts. Well! Anyone who knows me knows how much of a whore for breasts I am, so naturally I said sure. What followed was a slow, several-week-long evolution that ended with my sticking my nuts in her ass and my dick in her pussy no longer being a virgin! Feels weird, man. Actually, nothing feels different at all, but at least now I don't have to worry about dying a virgin. I suppose that means now I can die happy. Well, it might be nice to like, fall in love or something, so maybe not. Also, I don't want to die before Hideki Kamiya stops making games, so I take back what I said. Still, it's interesting, huh? Who knew I'd ever actually kiss a girl?

Friends with benefits and temp work. I guess I'm slowly easing my way into being a "normal" "person."

Current Mood: hot
Friday, March 4th, 2011
11:38 am
Your face will melt off and your children will weep over your exploded body
Part 2 in the ongoing saga of the guy who solved the mystery of how many bags of trash I took out last night.

I was woken up at 9:50 this morning by the crazy asshole repeatedly jamming on my doorbell for thirty seconds straight and knocking loudly. I got up to put my pants on, but then I just decided not to answer the door, because seriously, what good would that have done? Then I showered and ate breakfast, ready to go speak to the manager.

From what she told me, this guy is actually crazy. Like, certifiable. He's the only guy who's complained about any noise. He's called the office telling them to check on all the people, and when they went to see what was up, no one was there. He told them that I'm somehow tormenting him by going into my bedroom when he's in his bedroom, going into the frontroom when he's in there, etc. How would I possibly know when he's in what room? "He keeps his ear to the floor" is the explanation he gave to the manager. He told them he saw me go out a couple of times at night. Like that's all he said, "I caught him going out a couple of times." Oh boy, lock me up for stepping outside! He also actually used "He's out to get me." Obviously the guy is unable to back up his ridiculous claims, and I'm on pretty good terms with the office staff, so I don't need to worry about anything but being skinned alive and having my flesh worn as a jacket.

Thankfully! He's supposed to be moving out "soon." I'm not sure exactly when soon is, but it sounded like a couple of weeks.

I am being harassed in my own home by a literally insane man. Fantastic.

Current Mood: anxious
Thursday, March 3rd, 2011
11:28 pm
Have you heard about Pluto? That's messed up
So I haven't been writing much because I haven't really felt like I've had much to say. But now that I'm being stalked and harassed by a crazy psycho killer, well! Plenty to talk about!

Last Friday, about 10:15 at night, some guy knocked on my door. When I answered, rather than being a normal person and introducing himself or anything like that, he asked me "Is everything okay?" When I answered with "uh...yeah?" he just stared at me for a few seconds without saying anything. Then he said that he's been hearing lots of noise at night and asked me a few questions, like if I lived alone, stuff like that. He was really creepy and heavy-handed in implying that he believed I was responsible for it, but whatevs, guy's an idiot. He went on his way.

Earlier today, he rang the doorbell. Three quick rings, a pause, and three more quick rings. No one rings like that unless it's urgent, right? When I checked the peephole to see who it was, it was covered. Awesome. Opened the door and there was creepy neighbor dude again. This time he out and out stated that he knew I was having friends over and making lots of noise at night. When I told him I was the only person there and it wasn't me, he called me a liar. I really, really wanted to punch him in the face, because anyone who knows me knows that that's one of my buttons. But I tried to stay civil and polite even while he made all these stupid accusations. He ended the conversation by telling me again to stop it with the noise. Creep factor going up.

An hour or so ago, I went to throw some trash away and check the mail. Not five seconds out the door, I heard his door open behind me. On my way back from getting the mail, I saw him standing by the stairs, and as I walked by him, he snapped a picture of me. What the hell?! Creep factor +1 million.

I'm going in to the manager tomorrow to file a complaint or discuss this or whatever, because that is just ridiculous behavior and he's seriously making me uncomfortable. If I'm found dead in my apartment, it's not going to take a psychic detective to know that it was murder and not an accident! Caaalllllll the poliiiiiiiiiccccccccccccceeee

Current Mood: Creeped out
Wednesday, January 12th, 2011
4:20 pm
The mystery of who kept stealing your newspaper. The answer, me!
Alison has demanded an update, so! Let's start with Thanksgiving.

Like my past few Thanksgivings, I planned on staying here and going out for, I don't know, Chinese or Indian or Burger King or something. But Alison said she was going to be driving down to San Jose and asked if I wanted to hitch a ride and get dropped off in San Francisco. So for the first time since 2007, I'd be spending Thanksgiving with the family.

It was okay. We spent most of our time at a house out in Watsonville. A house full of loud, obnoxious kids. But instead of staying there for the night, I got to escape to a hotel room at least, where I fell asleep at 8 or 9pm. It was pretty nice.

Anyway, the highlight of the trip to San Francisco was getting to see the Full House house! It was awesome. Here's a picture. I think next time I go to San Francisco, I'll bring some Full House DVDs with me, go to the house and knock on the door, and ask if whoever's inside wants to sit down and watch some quality television with me. How can they say no?!

Another Christmas in Rancho Cucamonga. Same as usual. The family's okay for a day or two, and then they start getting on my nerves. Everyone kept whining that my flight got in at 8 on Christmas Eve, because for some reason they couldn't start eating at a Christmas Eve party without me? And oh no, I'm 10-15 pounds away from being overweight, I'm sooooooooo skinny! Am I eating well? Etc.

New this last year was having Gamestop ruin my Christmas. There were a couple of DS games I'd been wanting and my mom insisted I ask for something besides money for once. Okay, I thought, I can either ask for Professor Layton and the Unwound Future or 999. Seemed a pretty simple choice which game I'd ask my not-very-game-savvy mom for. Unfortunately, I had not anticipated that the people working at her nearest Gamestop are incompetent morons. Somehow, asking for 999 got her a used Nintendo DS instead. The employee not only had not heard of the game, but when my mom insisted that what she was getting was not what she asked for, they continued to push the DS on her instead of taking two seconds to check the computer to see if maybe, just maybe, the customer was right. GREAT customer service. Normally I side with Gamestop when people rant about how awful it is, but in this instance, ugh.

When I went to buy the game here, the clerk said it was a great game, told me to play through it multiple times to see all the endings and get all the story, and asked if I had had trouble finding it elsewhere. This is the same store where the chick was all excited when I bought Chulip, and I had no trouble getting Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie BBQ. The Washington Square Mall Gamestop (the one between Crazy 8 and GNC, not the one across from Claire's) must be the greatest Gamestop in the country.

And then I went back home, saying goodbye to 8.75% sales tax, sunny and highs in the 60s weather, and libraries where I wanted to print out my boarding pass but couldn't because they think it's acceptable to be closed from the 24th to the 29th. Oh, California. It's almost too easy to complain about how terrible you are.

New Year's Eve
Spent it at ye olde gamee nighte housee watching Red Letter Media movie reviews and playing a ton of MAME games. Pretty uneventful and "boring," but a good way to spend the night as far as I'm concerned.

And that's it! Now I'm looking for work and hoping and praying we'll get some decent snowfall this winter. Not a particularly thrilling start to the year, but things can only go up from here! ...right?

Current Mood: dorky
Saturday, November 20th, 2010
2:43 am
Happy birthday, dogs of the AMS
Yes another birthday is was upon me. How did it go? Well!

I woke up early because I wanted to make it to Denny's in time for a free Grand Slam breakfast. Turns out that they do breakfast all day, so there probably wasn't any need to get up early. Ah well. The meal was yummy, and it was accompanied by a lovely conversation via text message with an old friend. And it was rainy! Good start to the day.

When I got back home, I tweeted about it and now Denny's is following my Twitter. How awesome is that? Denny's! Eat at Denny's. For all your breakfast, lunch, and dinner needs. s'ynneD ta taE.

I lounged around for most of the afternoon. Then I got my things together for a yummy free dinner at Pastini Pastaria. I've never been much of a pasta guy, but it was surprisingly good. Then I got a free ice cream at Coldstone because lord knows I haven't had enough free ice cream this week.

Then my buddy Shane asked if I wanted to do anything, and since the Pastini is right by game night buddy Patrick's place, I asked if he wanted to go there and play Blitz the League 2. Did he?! Yes, he did. Unfortunately, Nate had a bunch of people over there pre-partying. But! They were playing Just Dance 2, which is awesome, so I played that a bit before playing Violent Football Game. And then spent the rest of the night playing Pac Man EX Deluxe CE.

All in all, pretty good birthday. I don't know if it beats last year's Indian dinner plus massage, but it's about as good as I could've hoped for with Krista being a jerk who's always sick!!1

That said, 28 AND STILL NEVER KISSED A GIRL OR HAD A GIRLFRIEND, WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! That is some shit. That is some shit. Totally gonna make it to 30, just you wait and see.

Current Mood: cheerful
Thursday, November 18th, 2010
4:55 pm
E32k10: Final Day - Hugless, kissless goodbyes
Holy geez, I haven't updated my LJ in almost four months? Have I ever gone this long without updating? Well! Let's put a stop to that right now.

So! Where was I? I think I was going to talk about the very last day of E3, yes? Not a whole lot happened! We had to wake up somewhat early so we could be checked out of the room by, I dunno, ten? Ty and Gogita packed up all their stuff while I went down to get some breakfast. I think Gogita found me eating to say goodbye, but when I saw that Ty wasn't with him, I told him to go get Ty so I could give him his goodbye hug. But he never came back...

The two jerks left without a proper goodbye! FINE! I didn't need them anyway! Anyway, I was alone in LA with a whole day ahead of me. I could've explored, or seen the sights, or what-have-you, but because LA is gutter trash, I chose to drive back to my mom's instead. And that was that for another E3.

It was pretty rad getting to go back after not having gone in several years. I'm glad they've fixed it and it's almost fully restored to its former glory. The only thing missing was Kentia Hall, really. I don't see that ever coming back, unfortunately. So what does the future hold? Well, because we were turned away at the show, perhaps it might be wise to try to register six months in advance. We'll likely get turned down, but I think we should at least make the effort so they can't pull the capped registration crap on us. And if that doesn't work, there's always Jonny Metts. Or some other means, I'm sure. I'd also like to see more people make it next year, HINT HINT.

I've also got tons of booth babe pictures that need to be put on the internet. Can't wait to do that. Sexy, sexy ladies.

And of course there will be more regular, standard LJ updates. So much has happened in the past few months! Ty's come down to visit me a couple of times. uh...I played some video games. And, huh. I guess there really hasn't been that much. But! Tonight I dine on trivia soup, so maybe I'll write about that. Or maybe I'll post ye olde yearlye birthdaye entrye tomorrow. I have seven hours to kiss a girl, staaarrtiiiing...NOW!
Monday, July 26th, 2010
2:01 am
E32k10: Day 3 - Get up, get, get, get down, 911 is a joke in your town
Day 3. It's time to w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-WAKE UP! We got up around 8 and did the usual yummy breakfast routine. I got on Gogita's laptop and confirmed a HOT DATE with Jim Sterling first thing that morning. Cowface was already at the convention center when I texted him. I guess he couldn't wait to attempt to register one last time. The good news is that he was successful after a bit of smooth talking. DBG officially had one representative at E3, wooooooo! Sure would be nice if he'd scan his badge or something...

I don't know what it was about this year, but the driving situation was soooo much better than pretty much every other year. Could've been because of the reduced registration, I suppose. Regardless, it was a smooth drive and some easy, inexpensive parking that morning. Cowface said he found some free spot in a residential area nearby. Lucky jerk.

We headed into South Hall. I wasn't sure if I was meeting Jim Sterling in the Namco booth in South Hall or the meeting room in West Hall. I was about to ditch Ty and Gogita and head to the booth when I realized the floor wasn't even open, and it'd probably make a lot more sense for him to be at the meeting room. So we went to West Hall, and THEN I ditched Ty and Gogita to find the place. I walked around and around the lengthy hallways until I found one of Namco Bandai's two meeting rooms all the way back in South Hall. Awesome. Jim wasn't there yet, so I kind of sat around chatting with one of the reps there about the 3DS and who know what else. A very sweaty Mr. Sterling arrived fifteen or twenty minutes later apologizing because, as I later would find out, he thought the meeting was at the booth. Good times. Anyway, I busted out my copy of Deadly Premonition, got him to sign it, gossiped about the game a little, and then went on my way. Jim Sterling. JOURNALIST!

For those of you not familiar with Jim Sterling, he wrote a review of Deadly Premonition for Destructoid giving it a 10/10. He later wrote a hilarious article comparing DP to Heavy Rain. Having played a couple of hours of Heavy Rain, I can say without a doubt that Deadly Premonition is better. So why exactly did I have him sign it? I dunno. I just think it's funny is all.

When that was done, I hurried back over to West Hall. Ty, Gogita, and Cowface all scored a spot in the 3DS line, so I went to meet up with them. I don't know if i was a jerk for cutting in line or what, but nobody seemed to mind, so eh. I was expecting it to take a while with the way the lines had looked the past couple of days, but the line actually moved at a decent clip. They had a ton of 3DSes set up, I guess. Once we neared the front, some Nintendo booth babe came up to us with a system to demonstrate the 3D. We ended up talking to her for, I don't know, fifteen minutes. She totally wanted me, but then Cowface had to butt in and grab her attention away from me. What a jerk! As if he doesn't already have dozens of women lined up around the block to get treated poorly. Terrible. It's like, come on, woman! Can't you tell that I'm a way better guy than Cowface? I was wearing my sexy slimming Ground Kontrol shirt that day and everything! I think I even showered that morning. Well fine, if that's the way it was going to be, I wasn't interested in her anyway. A guy like me can do way better than some chick who works in marketing at Nintendo. Speaking of which, what happened to all the different Wii colors? I mean, we only recently got black. and blah blah blah

Oh yeah, the 3DS. I played Animal Crossing, Professor Layton and the Subtitle I Don't Remember, some animu hack and slash game, some flight sim type game, and Kid Icarus. Apparently I missed the nicest looking games, but I was still fairly impressed, especially with Kid Icarus. I really like how there's a slider to adjust the 3D effect, as some games looked better with it turned all the way up and others about halfway. Now if only Nintendo had given any info at all on it, like price or release date or battery life. I'm sure I'll get one eventually, but I'm assuming it's going to retail for some stupid price, so I'll wait.

I don't remember the order in which the rest of the day went very well, so if it seems like one second I'm in one hall and the next I've teleported to the other, you can go screw yourself.

Cowface gave us a hot tip that OnLive was doing a raffle of sorts and giving away a laptop and possibly other prizes, so Gogita and I headed to South Hall to collect some tickets and check out whatever else was going on over there.

OnLive: didn't seem that bad! Not that I would pay for it, and not that I have a computer that could run it even if I would pay for it, but as far as features, navigation, and issues of lag, it seemed to work pretty well. I don't know if that's the case now, but at the time I couldn't find anything particularly bad to say. I gave some racing game a try and it worked well, and then the booth babe suggested we spy on Gogita, who was playing Borderlands very poorly. You don't shoot the harmless robot, silly!

We walked around and took some pictures. Here are those pictures.

Next up, we headed over to Harmonix's or MTV's or someone's booth, where they had Rock Band 3 set up. Good lord, those guitars were heavy. I guess because they're like, those real guitars, you know? We did some totally lame song and neither Gogita nor I touched the keyboard, but whatevs, we got free t-shirts, and that's what it was all about.

Afterward, we gave Castlevania: God of War Ripoff a try. It is a God of War ripoff. I would say not a very good one, but I've never really played GoW. I assume it sucks, though. Anyway, game sucks. Hope this helps.

Did we do anything else? I don't remember playing any other games while there. Okay, let's say we didn't do anything else in South Hall at the point, and instead we went to the area outside of West Hall because the Bonestorm guys were doing their free burgers thing again, and damnit, I WAS going to get a free burger this time! And I did! The End. It wasn't bad, but they didn't have any condiments or anything set up, so it was a little lacking. Yes, I am complaining about free food. I mean, seriously, how about some ketchup?

Gogita and I went back into West Hall and decided to give the Sony Move a try, probably only because the line was really short. After a five minute wait, some dude walked out and asked if anyone was interested in playing that one game with the chair riding. WAS I?! Yes, I was, so I said I was, yes. He escorted me to the TV with Kung Fu Rider hooked up and I gave it a go. The game itself wasn't bad, but I didn't care for the controls at all. I hate you, needless waggle. Go away you are not wanted here. I couldn't find Gogita after that, so I decided to wander around by myself.

Next up was giving Sony's 3D tech a try. Boy oh boy, I can't wait to watch my friends play Racing Game X when there aren't enough 3D glasses to go around, so I'll have to look at a screen that's nothing but blurry, amorphous blobs that could possibly represent a car driving around! Also, I don't know this for sure, but without any sort of 3D slider, I could see there being some issues. 3D TVs. Meh.

I went around Sony's booth some more to see if there was anything else of interest, and there really wasn't. I'd later find out that there were a couple of games on display that were of interest that I missed, but considering I don't own a PS3, it was no big loss.

Dear Sony,

Please price the PS3 affordably. I would like to purchase one and give you and third party game developers some of my money.

Hugs and Kisses,

P.S. Write back

More West Hall searching and not a whole lot of anything, which was just as well because it was time to head back to OnLive's booth for the raffle anyway. There was a fairly large crowd there by the time I arrived, but I still managed to find Gogita. Cowface was around there somewhere, but we didn't spot him. So the drawing started, and the first name got called. It wasn't me. I was sad. But nobody came up to claim the prize, and after a few minutes, they decided to screw that guy and to draw another name. Another chance! Except this name wasn't mine either. But THAT guy didn't show up. A third name! A third no-show! A fourth name! Still nobody! A fifth name! Not me, but who cares because that guy apparently doesn't exist! A sixth name! And booooooooooo, it was finally someone who was in attendance. Oh well. It was the most fun drawing I've taken part in.

Ty was immediately spotted nearby doing an interview for someone. I walked behind him a couple of times really slowly in an attempt to mooch off his fifteen minutes of fame. Turns out it was someone from Lopez Tonight asking him a bunch of stupid questions trying to lead him to give funny or pathetic answers. We waited forever for the E3 segment on Lopez Tonight to air. When it finally did, they didn't even show any of the interviews they did. But Ty still managed to show up for all of a second in it. That is the closest any of us are going to come to being famous.

Gogita mysteriously disappeared at some point, I don't know when or why. Liberated from his presence, I wandered South Hall some more. I was drawn one last time to Sega's booth for a third and final attempt at playing Vanquish. I told you, I really want to like this game. But aaggghh regenerating health pisses me off. I think this ended up being the only game of the show I played more than once. Oh, and while in the Sega booth, Masahiro Sakurai walked by me. I wanted to yell SAKURAIIII!!!!, but before I knew it, he was gone. My camera had stopped working at that point too, which was a bummer because it meant missing out on a final few booth babe pictures. My life, it is a perpetually flushing toilet.

Another E3 was set to wrap up in less than two hours. Everything I wanted to see seen, and my camera not working, I wasn't sure what to do. To West Hall! I guess? I stopped in the corridor between the two halls to give my dogs a rest and check the E3 Show Daily in case I missed anything. That's when I found out there was actually only less than one hour left. I hurried over to Nintendo's booth to maybe give Other M a try if there wasn't anyone there, but either the line got cut off or something, because I wasn't able to play. I spotted Jonny Metts (who, again, is a fantastic guy) playing Wii Party with a couple of the other NWR guys. He didn't have anything nice to say about it at all. What a shame. I did some more aimless wandering, which is when I found a poster for a Korean (or Japanese or Chinese or...) game called Kiss My Baby! The game wasn't on display and none of the pamphlets had any information on it, but by name and poster alone I was tempted to call it my game of show. Take THAT, Ghost Trick!

There were still ten minutes or so left, but I felt like I had done all I wanted to do, so I left West Hall and sat outside texting the other guys so we could meet up for dinner and Video Games Live. They sure took their sweet time showing up, I tell you what. Cowface didn't want to hang out with us any longer for some stupid reason. How could he say no to dinner at Denny's? wtf! He probably wanted to go get drunk and beat up some more women, is my guess. Fag. Good riddance! Those of us who are cool and not gay at all headed to Denny's to get some yum yums.

Denny's! I love you and your delicious food! We had a great time talking about the show over our grub. I don't remember what I had, but I'm sure it was great, whatever it was. As if Denny's ever serves anything but the best. If I ever go there again, it won't be soon enough. Speaking of which, don't let me forget to get a free Grand Slam on my birthday.*

Food is eaten. To Video Games Live! And here is where everything fell apart. On our way to the Nokia Theatre, we noticed a bunch of people gathered around an intersection nearby. There was a cop there telling everyone that they couldn't cross the street, and instead had to go down a ways and loop around to get to the stuff that was on the other side. Oh. Okay. So we walked down the way, crossed the street, and the cops there told us we couldn't go in the direction of the theater. We'd have to go around. Oh. Okay. So we walked around the rear end of the Staples Center. More cops there telling us we had to go around. Oh. Okay. So we walked some more and ran into some more cops blocking off the path, telling us to find some other way. Okay! I don't know about the other guys, but at that point I started to worry that we either wouldn't be able to get in or the show would be canceled or something. We went down another few blocks in what was now almost a complete circle with the theater in the center. Gogita suggested we follow some people, but when it became clear those people had no idea where they were going, we went back a block to another area with a whole mess of cops just sitting around doing very little. "Can we please cross the street? There's no other way to get to the Nokia Theater. Oh, we can if we show you our tickets? Okay!" And that's how what should've been a 30-second walk turned into 30 minutes of getting jerked around by LA's worst. In case you're curious, the reason all of this was going on was because game 7 of the NBA finals was taking place at the Staples Center. Damned if I know why there needed to be so many cops around at halftime, but I have just one thing to say: fuck sports.

We did arrive with a decent amount of time to spare, thankfully. It pays to think ahead. Gogita and I sat next to each other, while Ty was several rows back. Time to Penischat! And Penischat we did, or at least we attempted to. A couple of other people had their DSes out, but we weren't able to get a good connection with them going. Guess they were too far away or something. No matter. He and I killed some time by playing Tetris. I miss multiplayer Tetris DS.

The first half of the show, they brought out a bunch of game composers to play music from their games. It was mostly American dudes, but it was still really cool to see. The second half was very similar to the second half of the show I went to see here last November. The highlight for me, though, was this chick, Laura Intravia, who rocked out on the flute with a Zelda medley. She was seriously pretty great, and scored extra bonus points with me for being dressed up as Link. So hot. Have some video!

Special thanks to my sponsor, Vincent Anderson, who helped make it all possible. Once the show was done, we talked about other things we could do afterward. There was a party going on somewhere, there were strip clubs, and there was just going back to the hotel. Guess which we did? You guessed it, back to the hotel! I don't recall what went down after we got back. More than likely we played some games, though it's possible we were too tired and went directly to bed. Doesn't matter. It couldn't have been too exciting if I can't even remember what happened.

So! I volunteered to sleep on the floor, but Gogita wasn't having any of it. Instead, he told me to sleep at the end of the bed again. Awwwww, what a sweetie.

Next Entry: Final Day - The thrilling conclusion!

*This paragraph brought to you by Denny's. Denny's: if I knew the slogan, I'd put it here.
Thursday, July 15th, 2010
6:17 pm
E32k10: Day 2 - No remorse, la laaaa lala la laaaaaa
The show floor would be opening up earlier than the day prior, this time at 10am, so we wouldn't be afforded the opportunity to wake up early. Ah well. Like I said at the end of the last entry, sleeping horizontally at the end of the bad actually wasn't that bad. I think someone left the curtain open partway, though. That kind of robbed me of some sleep.

Anyway! Cowface called me and told me that he was down in ZE ROBBY while waiting for us to wake up. I told him to come up to our room, then went down to snag another delicious breakfast. I love you, Comfort Inn. When I went back up, Cowface and I caught up a little, this having been our first time seeing each other in a few years.

To the convention center! With Cowface driving! We parked a little bit away and enjoyed a leisurely stroll over to West Hall. On our way in, I saw a bunch of people with signs picketing something called Judo Baby. Oh, you silly companies with your silly marketing tactics. Kiss My Baby! is the superior baby game, by the way.

We headed to the media registration room to try to get Cowface registered. With any luck, they'd be a little less stringent the second day. Unfortunately, it was not to be, and so he would have to find some other way in. Jonny Metts was not an option this time. But whatever, screw Cowface, I walked around on the show floor and snagged pictures of booth babes for maybe twenty minutes. Then I headed out to one of the meeting/conference rooms because Leonard Nimoy was supposed to be helping to demonstrate this game called Yoostar. I have no interest in the game, but it'd be nice to be able to say that I saw Leonard Nimoy in person, right? Sure it would! So I got into line. I was wearing my Full House shirt this day, and I got my first comment from the guy standing in line in front of me. He asked me if I thought Mary Kate was responsible for Heath Ledger's death. I don't know! Probably!

After that, I continued to wait. And wait. And wait. I think it was supposed to start at 11:30 or 12, but even by 12:30 I still wasn't in. Shortly after I tweeted how I had wasted my life, I finally was let inside to the ridiculously crowded room. Ten seconds later, Mr. Nimoy said they wouldn't be taking questions from the audience and he waltzed out. Great. Awesome. That was sooooooo worth it. At least I saw what I think was Yuji Naka while waiting.

While I was in line, Gogita texted me about free food at the media hospitality room. It was all gone by the time I got there, but he had said he'd save me some, so I texted him to find out where he was and if I could get a piece of that action. He was busy with some presentation or something in South Hall, so it would have to wait, but since I hadn't been there yet, I decided to stop by.

On the way there, I ran into Cowface, who said he had managed to briefly sneak into South Hall. Bless him, he always manages to find a way in somehow. We chatted, I grabbed some free energy drinks after signing over my soul, took some photos of booth babes, and then went inside to an as-of-yet unexplored hall.

I saw some games! I saw lots of booth babes! But what caught my interest was Vanquish over in the Sega booth. Shinji Mikami is behind a couple of my favorite games ever, so anything he makes is always at least worth a look to me. Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed after playing it. I reeeaaaallllly wanted to like it, but there were just some things that bothered me. Regenerating health? Really? And why is ammo scarce in a fast-paced action game? Why do I have to stop to reload or pick up ammo? These things have no place in a game of this type. Kamiya did it right with Bayonetta. But I decided to give it a second chance, thinking maybe I just missed something fundamental or I suck or something. I had a better time of it, but I was still unimpressed with the demo. Saddening, very saddening. Oh, I saw Atsushi Inaba there. That wasn't a particularly unusual sighting, though.

Between my first and second playthrough of Vanquish, I hopped on over to give Sonic 4 a try. I'm really tempted to just type "lol" instead of giving serious impressions. Really, really tempted. Like really, you guys.

I stumbled around for a bit longer until I ran into Gogita, who was at some booth holding some drawing for a watch. The people at the booth were holding the drawing, not Gogita. He had food to give me! Bless his heart. It was cold, and pasta-y, but I didn't care. I entered the drawing and ate to kill time. SPOILERS I didn't win the watch.

He and I wandered around kind of aimlessly for a while. He was trying to find this merchandise booth selling a laptop bag that he had seen Cowface with. We did eventually find it, and then continued our quest of wandering. At the G4 booth, we saw a ton of people gathered around for I'm not sure what. Perhaps they were doing a live show or something, I don't know. But in the craziness, I lost Gogita. I think he may have been trampled to death or something. Not my problem! I was a man on a mission. The mission? Photograph women! It just so happened that the chick behind Hot for Words was right next to the G4 booth, so I got a picture and an autograph, which I promptly stuffed into my bag and probably bent up and oh well.

Hey, I played that new Castlevania XBLA game. It seemed pretty cool! I've always thought a co-op mode in Metroid or Castlevania would be really cool, though this is kind of multiplayer oriented game instead of a regular Castlevania game that just happens to have cooperative play. Still, it's a step in the right direction. If I can get it for ten bucks, I probably will.

Later in my wanderings, I found these three booth babes playing WeSing together. When I asked to take their picture, one of them teasingly complimented my shirt, and then totally dissed my several-years-old camera. How rude!

The day was almost through, and I wrapped it up by waiting at the THQ booth to play either Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy on stage with two other guys. I got there as they were finishing up a round of Wheel of Fortune, then sat through some guys playing Jeopardy. Sadly, I guess they were rotating, so I had to play Wheel of Fortune. When I told the "host" I'm from Portland, he asked me if I'm a Ducks or Beavers fan. The hell is that? I wanted to tell him sports are for queers, but instead I just said I don't care for sports. He was not pleased. But yes, Wheel of Fortune did not go so well. What sucked was the last puzzle was one that showed up while we were watching the previous guys play WoF, so this other dude knew it almost immediately and ended up winning. What a gyp. I did, however, get a free t-shirt for my trouble. An extra large one I can't really wear, but whatevs.

Cowface had texted me about free burgers outside of West Hall, so with the show now wrapping up, I ran over to see if I could snag any. When I got into line, Cowface said he could see me from afar and suggested I get a shirt first. So I walked up to the front of the line, grabbed a shirt, and then when I went back to the end of the line, the guy told me they were cutting it off and I was out of luck. Cowface more like Jerkface! I watched him eat his burger and then he asked if I wanted to go get a drink. Sure, we didn't have any other plans that night. So he and I went looking for cheap drinks while Ty and Gogita were, I dunno, having gay sex with each other in the bathroom probably.

We tried a couple of places before finally settling on The Yard House. Cowface was cool enough to buy me a beer and we chilled at the bar for a little bit. Some chicks there totally complimented me on my shirt. It was rad. Then we decided maybe we'd better sit down to get more drinks and maybe some eats, so we let Ty and Gogita know where we were and sat down to wait. We had a very lovely dinner.

We each took a picture like this. I haven't seen any of theirs.

We got back to the hotel and Cowface vamoosed. He would rather go to bars and try to pick up on chicks than play video games with some buddies he hadn't seen in years. Terrible, just terrible. Gogita also ditched us to go to some N-Philes party or something. Ty and I stayed behind, and I spent the majority of the night doing SSFIV trials. Then, at roughly 11, Gogita texted me saying he needed a ride. Awesome! Time to go driving through mysterious parts of LA at night to pick him up. And wouldn't you know it, even at almost midnight the traffic was monster gay getting there. It was a lot nicer going back, at least.

Once we got back, though, we partied it up with some Perfect Dark. That was pretty awesome. Also, between matches, I was finally able to use Gogita's laptop and catch up on some things. I tweeted at Jim Sterling asking about getting him to autograph my copy of Deadly Premonition. I also tweeted at a very special someone. Mystery! Intrigue!

The night wrapped up with some Earthworm Jim co-op play. Sadly, I was stupidly tired and just could not stay awake during it, so at that point we called it a night. I think it was around 3am. Somewhat early for us. I believe Ty and I got the bed while Gogita slept on the floor that night. Heh heh. Sucker.

Next Entry: Day 3 - The 3DS!!!!1, Denny's and maybe some diarrhea???, and the LAPD almost ruins our night?!?!!

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Wednesday, July 7th, 2010
7:50 pm
E32k10: Day 1 - Musicians cannot play a single note unless they eat drugs first
Day 1 of our first E3 in four years. It was sure to be a fun and exciting day. OR WAS IT?! Yes, it was.

I woke up around 7:45 or so, surprisingly not having been molested by Gogita in my sleep. I was too excited and anxious to be tired. Ran down to ZE ROBBY to grab a delicious free breakfast, which, much like previous years, consisted of muffins, a banana, and OJ. The Comfort Inn treats its guests well when it isn't kicking them out onto the street. Went back to the room to eat and get ready for the big day ahead of us. Unlike years past, the show floor wasn't opening until noon, but we were up early because we wanted to see if we could make it to the Nintendo conference. Gogita and I were ready while Ty just kind of stood around doing nothing. Was he getting ready? Did he forget something? Nah, it's just what he does. So one of us took the initiative to actually walk outside and the other two followed.

I was driving! There was a lot less traffic than usual, which was really, really nice. I tried to find some parking, but the one convention center lot we drove past was closed. We did pull into another lot right by the Nokia Theater, which was where we wanted to be. Unfortunately, it was stupidly expensive at $25 a day, but whatever. We were in a hurry.

We made our way onto ground level and kind of headed in the general area of where we believed the theater to be. The Nintendo conference was supposed to start at 9 and it was a few minutes past by the time we got to the entrance. We didn't actually have any sort of plan on how to get in. Maybe try to walk right in? Nah, that wasn't going to work. What do we do? And so we sat around for about ten minutes doing, really, very little. uh...hey, uh...so what now? I saw an info booth nearby and told Gogita to ask how one might be able to get into the conference. He walked over, was there for a minute or two, and walked back with a registration ticket of some sort granting him entry. "Better hurry up," he told Ty and me while making his way toward the Nokia theater. Snap! So we rushed over there, told them we wanted to get in and weren't pre-registered, and they just handed us these slips to present to the guys at the entrance. It was really that easy. DBG is going to the Nintendo press event!

By the time we got into our seats, it was 9:20 or so and Just Dance 2 was being shown. We couldn't have missed anything important, right? Well, we later found out that we missed the hilarious Skyward Sword debacle and the announcement of Mario Sports Mix. Oh well! We were there for the showings of Epic Mickey, Donkey Kong Country Returns, blah blah blah, and most importantly, the official 3DS reveal. It was pretty rad. I especially liked when Satoru Iwata came out to talk. That guy is just adorable. Once the conference wrapped up, they brought out all these chicks with 3DSes attached to demonstrate them for anyone who wanted to wait in line, as well as having a few kiosks available of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Gogita decided to stay behind to try them out while Ty and I figured we'd see them on the show floor, so we went to the convention center to try to register. This would later prove to be a fatal mistake.

On our way to the convention center, we briefly considered going to the Sony conference. Pfffff, yeah, that was a thought summarily dismissed. We went into West Hall, made our way to the press room, and danced the dance of E3 Media Registration. Why hello, nice lady. Here is my business license, my article, a form of ID, and my business card. One of your finest Media Badges, deskkeep! Unfortunately, everything went pear-shaped here. She told us that there was a cap on media registration, and since we were local (nevermind that we were out of state, the business license is from Bakersfield, so I guess that's "local"), we weren't getting badges. She then tried to console us by saying that maybe, MAYBE if we were from Europe or something they might give us badges. Yeah. That made me feel tons better. So Ty and I walked out of the press area dejected and unsure how to proceed. I texted Gogita and he joined us soon thereafter. Since he wasn't with us at the time, he thought to try registering on his own to see if things went differently. No luck. We put our heads together and discussed our options.

Go later? Try someone else? Look into an Exhibitions Only badge? The show was opening in about an hour and none of our ideas were very good. Then, I don't remember because he had been summoned or appeared randomly after we took x number of steps, Jonny Metts from PGC fame showed up. We told him about our dilemma and he suggested we look into the Exhibitions Only badge, and if not, to get a hold of him later and he'd work his charm to get us in. We did look into the EO badge, but that would cost us each 500 bucks. No thanks! We didn't want to bother Jonny again so soon, and the doors would open soon anyway, so we went to get some food to kill time. We asked the info desk lady about the nearest McDonalds (barf), but I don't think there was one nearby, so we went to the Nokia Theater area at her recommendation. She was super nice, by the way.

We wandered the area looking for cheap restaurants like idiots for a good while until finally stumbling upon this small Mexican place nearby that was yummy and delightfully inexpensive. Everyone eat at Fernando's Taco Inn on some street off Figueroa! It was only 12:15, so we opted to play some DS games to keep ourselves busy. Gogita's pirated copy of that game that's like, 50 games was an excellent timewaster. Eventually, though, it was time to head back.

We arrived back near the press room at about 2pm, and Ty and I saw that nasty Starslayer chick just hanging around with some dude. I told him to get a picture with her. He wouldn't do it. Then Jonny showed up, we told him about our continued failures, and he decided to be a pal and get us in. This required putting our names on some NWR articles, and surprisingly didn't require having business cards. We got the same chick Ty and I got earlier, but I don't think she recognized us, thankfully. Jonny talked, and talked, and worked his magic, and by the grace of God, because there were exactly three NWR staffers who were supposed to show but backed out at the last minute, we were all able to get in. It was ridiculously relieving when, after twenty minutes or so at the desk, we were handed our badges. God bless you, Jonny Metts. You're a really stand-up guy.

It wasn't ideal, but we were finally in! And just as soon as we got onto the show floor, we parted ways. Damned if I know where Ty or Gogita went (Ty probably hung out in front of Marvel vs. Capcom 3), but I did my usual first-day ritual of raping the Nintendo booth. Note: as soon as I got in, I saw Suda 51 walk by me. I should've snapped his picture or something. I'm an idiot. I spent the rest of the day there. Here are some game impressions:

Just Dance 2 - Awesome

Ghost Trick - Awesome. My game of the show

Goldeneye - Garbage. Hey guys, do you like Goldeneye? Well then, you'll love that we made the new game just like a modern FPS instead of keeping what made Goldeneye great! Who doesn't love regenerating health, being limited to two guns, and a remake/sequel that throws away all the old characters, story, and probably everything else but the level design of the original?

Donkey Kong Country Returns - Oh boy, do I love how rolling is mapped to waggling. Also, weird physics and it seems like no way to switch characters? And then we later found out there are no Kremlings, no underwater levels, and possibly no animal buddies. DKC returns indeed!

Zelda: Skyward Sword - fffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu do I hate waggle being implemented this way. I kept having trouble swinging my sword and raising my shield. But at least I got a free Zelda shirt out of it.

Metroid: Other M - Hardly got a chance to play this because the cutscenes ate up so much time. By the time I got to the actual game, I got kicked off. Results inconclusive.

Sonic Colors - lol

I may have played another game or two in there, but those are the big ones that stand out. I ran into Gogita a little before the floor closed, so we hung around and then found Ty...somewhere once it was time to go. We rushed back to the hotel knowing there wasn't much time before this concert that was going on in Alhambra with The Megas, Megaran, and some other dudes. Back at the hotel, we found out the doors actually opened at 6 and the show started at 7. It was 6:45. Better rush over! But first, a stop at a nearby Little Caesar's to get some food.

Damn that was some good pizza. Thank goodness for it, because the horrible LA driving and traffic really got on my nerves. Oh, and the fact that our exit off the freeway was closed without any notice. Just lovely. But we did get there right around when it was starting, I think. I was incredibly tired and a lot of the music wasn't my style, so I sat down and kind of dozed through A-Rival and maybe some other guy who mumbled a lot. Tanuki Suit Riot came on at some point, and I woke up a little because they were actually playing instruments instead of mumbling over phat beatz. Good guys. Not a bad show. Megaran was up next. I felt like it was time to take a break from the needlessly loud music, and Gogita felt the same, so we went out in search of drinks/eats while Ty stayed behind.

We made our way to a Safeway and I got blue-flavored Powerade. Blue flavor is the best flavor. We sat on a curb out in the parking lot for, I dunno, 30-45 minutes talking about murdering bums for some reason until Ty texted us to let us know Megaran was almost done. The Megas were up next and were set to be the final act, so we made it back to the store for the last music of the night.

Good lord, was that music loud. Ear-hurting, I-want-to-get-away-and-hide-under-a-rock loud. I wanted to listen to it, but also wanted to preserve my poor hearing, so I moved to the back of the store hoping that would mitigate the ear rape at least a little. It was a book store, so I kind of browsed the various books until I found some Playboy pictorial about redheads. Quality reading right there, I tell you what. I'm not a huge fan of The Megas, but their brand of Mega rock was welcome after all the rap/hip hop/whatever I had to endure earlier. Once the show ended, we drove right back to the hotel.

I don't remember if we did anything in the hotel that night. Probably not, as it was pretty late at that point. Oh wait, that was probably the night we played Smash Bros. Much to my chagrin, the only cables we had were composite, and if you don't know how Wiis work, composite cables create a noticeable lag on HD TVs. We had a good time, but I was hoping to get some serious business matches in with Ty that never happened due to that issue. Ah well, with any luck I'll see him again soonish for a local SFIV tournament.

So that was that. Day 1 wrapped up with Ty and Gogita getting to bed as normal and my lying at the end of it like a dog. It actually wasn't that uncomfortable. Certainly nicer than sleeping on a bed made out of pizza boxes.

Next Entry: Day 2 - The Fifth Element scene-stealer Chris Tucker joins our party, I go booth babe crazy, and Leonard Nimoy is an asshole

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Sunday, July 4th, 2010
4:12 pm
E32k10: Day 0 - Never reserve a room at the Comfort Inn on W. 7th Street
Better get started on these before the details become all hazy!

So, the day of travel. That morning I worked some last minute census work and then did some cleaning up around the apartment because I really like coming back to a clean place after a trip. I let Krista borrow my car while I was in LA so I wouldn't have to worry about MAXing it to and from the airport, which was a nice change of pace from my regular travel pattern. My flight left around 5:40, I switched planes in Oakland, and arrived on time in Ontario at 9:15pm. Talked to my mom a bit and ate some food, and then promptly began my drive to the hotel. E3, here I come!

I arrived just before 11 and texted Ty and Gogita to see what was up. They were at some VGChartz party downtown somewhere. I didn't want to drive, and trying to walk through downtown LA at night probably would've gotten me violently stabbed at least once, so to ZE ROBBY to wait for them I went.

I busted out Professor Layton 2 and worked on that damn last Knight's Quest puzzle while I waited. I also eavesdropped on what was going on at the counter the entire hour to ninety minutes I was waiting. Some guy said he reserved a room months ago and called earlier in the day to confirm his reservation, but once he got there they told him there were no rooms available. Something about paying by credit card? I don't know, but it was just back-and-forth bitching between him and the guy at the desk, who repeatedly told him that they didn't have rooms, but maybe a hotel somewhere else did. But the guy wouldn't get his money back for the room he reserved but wasn't going to be staying in. It was a mess. I don't think there was any resolution by the time Ty and Gogita showed up. Oh well. To our hotel room!

Most of DBG's representation at E3 that isn't meCollapse )

We all talked a bit about the party they went to and the various conferences that had taken place that day. Then we turned on the 360 and Ty and I played Super Street Fighter IV until 3:30 in the morning. At that point, I hopped into bed with Gogita while Ty took the floor, and we were ready for the big day ahead of us. OR WERE WE?!

Next Entry: Day 1 - My first Nintendo press conference, hilarious registration issues, and permanent hearing loss
Saturday, June 26th, 2010
5:10 pm
June is End Boss Month!
And maybe I'll actually do an end boss entry sometime!

So I've been a little lazy in updating since I got back from LA. The E3 posts will begin soon, but in the meantime I'll talk a little about what I've been up to in the past few days.

I thought the Monday I left was to be my last day of work, but once I got back, I was told there were still some last-second questionnaires to fill out, so I worked a couple of days this week helping to get these last few hashed out. I think the deadline has now passed, so at this point I'm playing the waiting game. I may or may not receive a call about working on the next census operation. I also applied to one of the special positions they have that isn't an on-call thing, but haven't heard back on that. So, you know, it could be over, it could not. Won't find out for another week or two?

Overall a pretty rad experience. I will miss this job. It was kind of nice to see that most people actually are pretty nice and helpful, and the idiots are a small minority. I went to this chick's house this week who had a No Soliciting sign by the door. After I introduced myself, she pointed at the sign with this look of "are you an idiot?" on her face. Yeah, um, what exactly would I be soliciting, you dumb broad? I also find it odd when people say they "aren't interested" in answering questions. If they say they don't want to or aren't comfortable, fine, but "I'm not interested" in response to "I'm here to fill out a census questionnaire," and that it's required by law that they answer, is just awkward to me. Ah well.

Other than that, I've been playing lots of Super Street Fighter IV and hanging with friends. Got screwed out of a trivia night on Thursday due to technical issues that they couldn't sort out, so I'm a little bummed about that. On the plus side, Cockfest 2010 is finally on! Everyone come up to Portland on July 14th so we can see a bunch of dudes stack doughnuts on their wieners!

Edit: a few minutes after posting and I get called to work in the office tonight. Money is money!
Monday, June 14th, 2010
3:01 pm
Everybody tune in to the EA conference!
Been pretty busy around here lately trying to balance work with E3 preparations and the social life. But work is now officially over. I handed in my final binder earlier today. There maaayyy be more work later, though, as the census moves into its next operation. Basically, I may or may not get called at some point in the future to do some work. Maybe. I won't let that stop me from looking for a for rizzle job, though, because I don't think getting a call is very likely. But it would still be nice.

Ty and Gogita are already at the hotel. My flight leaves in three hours. Wooooo!!!!! All that's left is to head up to the on-site registration room and charm the lady behind the counter. Like previous years, I don't think I'll have much of a chance to update ye olde LJe while there, but unlike previous years, I have a Twitter account! So keep an eye on this link right here. Wait, wrong one. This is the right one.

See you in the funny pages!

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Friday, May 28th, 2010
2:36 pm
I've got something to put in you!
Looks like the trip to the coast is a go! There's work to be done at Rockaway Beach on Monday, and since it's a holiday, they're expecting a lot of people who have vacation homes at the coast to be out there this weekend. May be heading there Sunday afternoon with another census worker. Not sure yet. But that's pretty cool to get a trip to the coast and all I have to do is something like five hours of work.

Trivia night last night was a blast. They got a laptop hooked up to a projector and had a whole Jeopardy board of questions displayed on this big screen with accompanying buzzers. So awesome. I bawled and smashed over the other two dudes and won the following: a $15 gift card to the arcade, given to one friend; a Star Wars Plug 'n Play game, given to another friend; some NES games given to me in a Mario question mark box. I am now the proud owner of TWO copies of both Jaws and Silent Service. I am still no closer to owning an NES. Jeopardy should be a regular thing from now on. Video game trivia just got that much more awesome.

I spent a bunch of money this morning/afternoon. How irresponsible of me!

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Tuesday, May 25th, 2010
3:52 pm
Ibuki! On the scene!

Work continues to go well. Still no particularly interesting stories, but I'm okay with that. Sadly, I don't think there's going to be a whole lot left in a couple of weeks. Better make it count and make as much money as possible until then! Oh, but one thing of interest is that I may be getting a trip to the coast out of it. It seems some of the census crew in Tillamook needs a little help and I was offered the opportunity to come to their aid. We'll see if that pans out.

Almost all prepared for E3! I need to hurry up and write whatever review I'm going to write, but once that's done, everything will be set. The only issue then will be actually getting in. I'm sure it'll be fine. Really. No problem at all.

Also discussing plans for PAX in September. It's pretty far away, BUT! If everything goes well, it should be really, really awesome.

The weather has been rocking pretty hard too. If weather.com is to be believed (oh how many sentences have started like that...), we should be getting nothing but rain till the end of the month. Best May weather-wise ever? Possibly!

I've been in Portland a full three years now. It's funny to think back to when I was sleeping on the floor, living off bread, and using a McDonald's bathroom. But things are pretty great now. I've got a job for the time being, the weather is great, I'm working out consistently and feeling good, and have lots of stuff to look forward to. What is this strange feeling? Is this...is this happiness...?

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Tuesday, May 11th, 2010
8:33 pm
What daaaayyyyyy iiiissssss today, although it was actually two days ago? TODAY IS MUDDER'S DAY
Goodbye, pale skin that took me years to get. Hello, tan after being out in the sun for two days.

Work! Work is work! It's actually going pretty well, much to my pleasant surprise. Here are a few things I've noticed:

- Almost everyone I've talked to has been really nice and/or helpful. Maybe 10% of the people I've talked to have given me trouble, but no one's been a huge jerk. The most difficult person is still the very first person I interviewed, oddly enough. Didn't want to answer any of my questions, kept asking me how things would benefit her, etc. But it's been pretty great overall.

- Much to no one's surprise, the vast majority of people I've interviewed have been white. The most common minority is some type of AZN, followed by some type of hispanic. Very few blacks.

- Lots of people living alone around here. Makes my job way easier. I don't know if, as a US gov't representative, I'm allowed to hit on anyone.

This job is such a cakewalk. I love it. It's too bad it's only temporary; though I would probably not want this as a job during the really hot summer months. But from October to April? Man, that would be sweet. Anyway, that's the update! No particularly interesting stories of people coming to the door nude or trying to murder me or anything. Then again, there's still a month+ of work. At least, I hope there is. We've been told that we're working a little too fast. Where is my laziness when I need it?!

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Friday, April 30th, 2010
6:11 pm
Dressed for a night of opera and heavy petting
Having a job kind of stinks!

All my training is now officially done. I was supposed to have gone out to do some interviews by now, but we ran into some snags, so that's going to have to wait until tomorrow. Instead, I volunteered to do some work tonight, so because I'm an idiot who has nothing better to do, I'll be doing drudge work from 12-8am for no overtime pay. Wooooo! I guess Oregon is one of those stupid "you only get overtime for whatever you work over forty hours in a week" states. Booooooo! But if I work enough hours Saturday during the day, I'll make some time and a half. I hate how my sister's regular rate of pay is almost the same as my overtime pay.

The first area assigned to me includes my apartment complex. I was really looking forward to finding out what happens if I get assigned to myself, but when I looked through the list, it said I had already sent in my forms. wtf! Not a single person in these apartments is listed as not having mailed in their forms. I don't like this one bit. The government is up to no good. Or they just got my info some other way. I guess I should be happy I'm accounted for without actually having to have done anything.

I miss having all the free time in the world. Sleeping whenever, putting errands off till whenever, fapping whenever. Now I like, need to have some sort of schedule. Sucks to that! I want to be a lazy-ass, damnit! Although no doubt my tune will change as soon as I get my first paycheck.

Well, that's the update so far! Better make dinner and then sleep sleep sleeeeeeeep...

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